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Meeting With DP of SAIL..

As you know our union is fighting for the well being for the RSP employees and Trainees and so concilation for it is going on at RLC office Rourkela. Today a group of four members team took the appointment with Honarable SAIL DIRECTOR PERSONAL comprising Gen.secy RIKKS Uttam Kumar Dashmajumdar, President R K Mishra, All India Steel Federation GS Dilip pattanaik,Secretary Bikash Halder and presented Sixteen point chartered of demand.
See documents 1 and 2

Discussion was held in co-ordial atmosphere and DP given assurance to do NJCS within short period.His excellence declared the Trainees on roll shall get Rupees Sixty as Night Shift Allowance and immediately they can avail medical treatment for their wives and spouses and other benefits on the pipe line.He will consider on about other demands also.

With a warm regards to our all union activists BHARAT MATA KI JAI, BANDE MAA TARAM


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